Scott Pilgrim

I'm not a movie critic. Critics seem to spend all their time telling you why a movie sucks. I'm a movie fan. I like sharing when I find good movies. Its actually hard for me to find the motivation to talk about bad movies. When a movie like Scott Pilgrim vs the World comes along however all I want to do is talk about it. I could say that the movie is about how anything worth having is worth fighting for. Or that its a wake up call for a slacker generation. Or that each relationship we enter into becomes our future baggage. That true changes can only happen when we make them for ourselves.

For the Cowboy / Cowgirls in your life

This holiday season as you consider what would the Cowgirls in your life like to see in their stocking. Keep Knot A Tail in mind. They have high quality western authentic horse hair items like this Long Tail Horse Hair Hat Band Or this Hitch Horse Hair Belt With a no questions asked money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose to try them.

Booklet 3G

In case we needed further proof that the new netbooks are closer to sma

New Dollhouse Poster

The new official Dollhouse season 2 poster is available here

Do you want to date my Avatar

Please support "The Guild" buy buying the mp3 of this at Amazon

Google Genie

Google Genie

Google seems intent to make all my unvoiced technical dreams come true. So to make their jobs easier, I've decided to "voice" my actual requests for my most recent Google Gem, Google Voice. In return, I'll share with them how they can get me to pay for it.

License... to Travel

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Have you ever heard of a Passport Card? I hadn’t either until recently when I went online to renew my Passport Book and I saw there was an option about $50.00 cheaper (, so I started doing some research. Here’s what I found out that I think will be helpful to you:

Software I'd pay money for

Linux has been my primary Desktop for about 13 years now. As such I rarely have to pay for software. Open source is just awesome that way. Yet when I thought about it I have paid for Codeweavers Crossover Linux,  despite the fact that its available for free as wine. I've also paid for Zend's  Studio for Eclipse  even though much of the functionally is available in the PDT plugin for Eclipse. While I don't do so currently, I've been known to pay for SuSE Linux  and StarOffice.

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