Zombie Romance

thanks to @morganacat for this pointing out this book. Just the title makes me giggle.

What to expect (or not to expect) from me on Twitter

Okay so I just created a new twitter personality (@cparrish817) Some of you may have been following my other more anonymous personality and be wondering why I created a new one. Others may have been long time readers of cp.com and wondering what this twitter business is about I'll try to address both groups.

Virgin Money

Have you ever wanted to loan money to a family member or friend, but thought out how often you were probably going to have to pester them about it and decided against it. Or wondered what would be a fair interest rate to charge and how would you calculate it. Or have you ever borrowed money from a family member and wished they could see just how much you've paid back over time. Or wondered what your monthly payment to them should be. The answer to all these problems and more can be found at www.virginmoneyus.com.

Merry Christmas

I'd like to take this moment and thank everyone who contributes to this site.
All my family and friends
LV80 and LV78 for reminding me that I'm not alone.

2007 Challenged me in more ways than I thought possible. I'm still here. Can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for me.


Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


Okay in the upgrade we seem to have lost about a year's worth of articles and comments. I still have my backups though so I'll be trying to fix that soon. In the meanwhile I'd be interested in what you think about the new site features etc...

Dealing with Spam

Well as I posted earlier. CP.com has become a target for spamers, so I have to instill some security measures. I hate doing this because on the old version of cp.com people basically stopped posting when I did. This time I'm going to try to make it easier. First  all anonymous comments will be screened before they show up on the site. I'll try to check at least once a day to see if any new comments have been posted. If you're a registered user your comments will be approved automatically (meaing your comments will be viewed right away). I've also made it easier to register now.

Building The Perfect GNOME Workstation

Here is a pretty good article on configuring GNOME. I learned a few things so I thought I'd share.

Microsoft So...?

Okay so Microsoft has started releasing info on its Origami Project, because there was a leak and the infomation was getting out anyway. (And this is supposed to be the company that we will trust with all our securety needs?). What I don't get is why all the fuss? Knowing MS there is no way its going to do all that MS is saying its going to do (and so far they are mostly just hinting at what its supposed to do anyway). The Nokia 770 is here now.

Too good for Television

So I've been playing around with this theory, that when shows are *too* good they have to be taken off the air. I haven't really decided why that is. Is it because if too much quality television was on the air then no one would watch all the sucky shows out there? Is it a matter of reaching the Lowest Common Denominator? I can't seem to come to a conclusion on *why* it happens but I'm certain that it does. Of late I've been thinking of all the great shows that have been cancelled for no obvious reason other than it was *too* good. So in preparing my list I thought I should post.

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