Big Bird Murder Link

Did anyone hear that Big Bird was involved in murder investegation? It actually ended up not being big bird but one of the puppeteer's caretakers. The article leaves a lot of questions but also makes me want to take up jogging if just to make sure my wife isn't by herself.

It'll grow on you

It seems one of the few bad reviews of Serenity has now recanted

Since I've found Serenity

Okay I'm starting to get giddy. Only 5 days till the Serenity DVD comes out. I didn't watch Firefly when it was on TV, but I got the DVD's shortly after they came out. I was a instant fan and wished the show would have gone on longer. Then I found out about the movie. I just knew the fans would make this huge. Well not that many people saw it at the movies. Of course not that many people saw any movie this year. So we're (by we here I'm refering to all the awesome fans of the show) hoping that the DVD does better. And even though the Austrailan cover seems to be better looking, I can't wait to have this in my hands - or better in my DVD. I've posted several reviews here in case some of you reading this don't know much about Serenity / Firefly.

What does Old Navy have against Linux?

Anyone else notice that you can't shop with firefox on Linux? What makes this really strange is that Firefox on Windows works fine. Actually if you get the User Agent Switcher to say that you're IE on windows. (or even Firefox on Windows) the site works fine. The question is why is OldNavy not wanting Linux business? While it would be easy to put on my tin foil cap and shout out Conspiracy, this time I think its just a matter of their web developers not knowing better. A quick google and I found that Safari users are having the same problems.

December Birthday

I'm noticing that lots of my friends have birthday's in December so this is my shout out to you all. Andrea, JaNae, Pebbles, Al, Deanna & Lacy Happy Birthday

Thought for the day

It's alwfully hard to forgive someone who won't even apologise for what they've done.

Once more with feeling

I have become convinced that Joss is Ghost writting for Veronica Mars. The writting is just so good. But if he's trying to keep a low profile I don't think he's doing a good job of it. So far he's made a cameo Charisma is a regular and Alyson
has made appearances.

Am I alone?

Okay so I *finally* get my new blog up and running and I notice that no one else is posting in their's Web Wonky hasn't posed since Sept, Larry and Yo haven't posted since Oct. ::sigh:: I guess everyone is out of town for the holidays or something.

New Site

Okay after *much* toil. I finally got the new site up. This will be a cleaner simplier instead of trying to be a blog, community *and* an magizine site. I decided to create two new sites. Hawkeye's Herald is the Mag site where I'll be posting articles etc... is our new community site. All user name / passwords that used to work for will now work at Hawkeye's Herald and tribeX. But you're going to need to create new accounts for (I'm trying to keep track of who's actually interested in

Happy Thanksgiving

There is much that I have to be thankful for this year.
First of all my lovely wife, I could write a book on why I'm thankful to have her.
Then in no particular order.
My house,
Being able to work for myself,
Loving what I do for a living,
Wonderful supportive family,
A few months away from being completly out of debit,
Crazy friends, (everyone should have at least four)
My old church home / family,
My new church home / family,
A great Car,
Our health,

This is without a doubt the best year of my life. And I'm looking forward to topping it next year. Have a great day everyone.

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